Warranty on levels

  1. The Firm Boninsegna s.n.c. guarantees the conformity of the supplied products, meaning that these correspond to the indications of the technical sheet in terms of quantity, quality of the material and performance.
  2. The warranty shall be valid for 24 months starting from product delivery, and for replacement products, from the day of replacement.
  3. Within such period the Customer has to communicate immediately the problem describing the defect, DDT or invoice number in which is enclosed the lot of goods and checking if among the products already being in stock there are other defective items.
  4. After receiving the communication, the customer shall be invited to send back the defective level (or levels) as soon as possible.
  5. The firm Boninsegna s.n.c, once it expects the defect and looks for the causes, shall do a report and apply itself to solve the problem if the problem is caused by the production.
  6. If the defects are caused by the production, according with the customer, the supplier shall replace the defective instruments or the whole lot of goods without any costs for the customer. Extra-costs for the replacement or due to the inactivity of the machine can’t be asked to the firm Boninsegna s.n.c.
  7. The warranty doesn’t cover the damage caused by an appropriate use of the instrument, by errors in the assembly on even surface that can cause distortions, falls or shocks damaging the products.
  8. The warranty doesn’t cover the aesthetic defects due to cracking effect or opacity caused by the cleaning of the instrument with unsuitable/inappropriate or aggressive products for the acrylic, above all solvent based on nitre or alcol. Regarding this look at the chemistry compatibility table.
  9. The warranty loses validity if the customer doesn’t respect the payment conditions stipulated.