General sales conditions

  1. General sales conditions
  2. The following general sales conditions are applied to all the good and/or services carried out by the Boninsegna snc company.
    • Any particular condition, modification or depart from the present general conditions will be valid only if previously stipulated and put on paper between the customer and the Boninsegna snc company.
  3. Orders
    • The contract for every supply is considered closed on the date of the written confirmation sent by the Boninsegna snc company or even with an unspoken confirmation followed by the goods delivery. The Boninsegna snc company only has the right to decide whether accepting the orders received.
  4. Delivery
    • The delivery conditions agreed are to be considered approximate and not binding. In no case the Boninsegna snc company will be forced to pay for any damages occurred during the shipment or for any delay in the delivery.
  5. Packaging
    • If no other packaging is previously requested in the order, it will be made in standard paper boxes and as considered appropriate by the Boninsegna snc company.
  6. Transportation and forwarding
    • The supply is sent FORWARD CARRIAGE and during the delivery no risk is assignable to the Boninsegna company, the same condition is POSTAGE PAID. In no case and for no reason our company has to pay for eventual direct or indirect damages, cause by a delivery delay. If not precisely specified, the shipment will be carried out in the way considered the most suitable and no claims will be taken in consideration.
  7. Returned goods
    • No item can be returned without our authorization. And, according to the general use, no items is accepted after 30 days from the delivery.
  8. Claims
    • Claims received after 8 days from the date of delivery are not accepted. The delivery date is attested by the DDT.
  9. Payment
    • Payment conditions are settled with the order confirmation and written in the invoice. If the payment is not done by the time agreed, the Boninsegna snc company has automatically the right to bring a default action, counting the current interest rate according to the prime rate ABI increased of the 1% and to cancel eventual other supplies.
  10. Invoices
    • Invoices are considered as accepted after 5 days from their receipt.
  11. Guarantees
    • The Boninsegna snc company guarantees all its products according to the terms and restrictions as described in the sheet “Warranty on levels”.
  12. Responsibilities restrictions
    • Boninsegna’s responsibilities are limited within the guarantee’s obligations expressed at point 10. A part from what is estimated in the DPR 224 of June 24th 1988, any obligation of refund to the Customer or to others, due to a damage of the goods caused by an incorrect use of the items or a missed sale is not included. In case of a damage regarding the Boninsegna’s items, any action, a part from the urgent one to face an eventual emergency, has to be agreed with the Boninsegna snc.
  13. Prices
    • The prices are in Euros, VAT is not included. In case of a variation of the VAT, this variation may influence the final price of the articles without the necessity of informing to the Customer previously.
  14. Controversies
    • For any controversy the Italian law will be enforce and the Como court will be competent for it.